Sunday, 11 August 2013

Summer List

Every summer i create a list of things i want to do. So here they are, and maybe if you are bored and want to do something you could try out some of these things. Ready. Set. Go.

2.Bike Ride
4.Go Festivals
6.Join Groups
7.Go Beach
8.Picnic Dinner 
9.Bonfire Party
11.Fly A Kite
12.Get Fit
13.Go Camden And Eat Bang Bang Chicken
15.Make a video
16.Do Water Sports
18.Pick Berry's
19.Food Pig Out (Eat All You Can)
21.Go To Yard Sales
22.Bake Bake Bake
23.Go To A Gig/Show
24.Eat Ice Cream 
25.Try On All Most Clothes At Stores Take Pics Of Bad/Silly/Nice Outfits And leave (Ha buy!)
26.Go Skating (any kind)
27.Learn A Sport
28.Go To A Game 
29.Disney Day (Best Day)
30.Cook New Thing (Or Learn If You No Can Cook)
31.Paint/Water Fight
32.Big Meet Up With Love Ones
33.Go Yoga
34.Boat Day
35.Go Zoo
36.Paint...A Picture
37.Road Trip (Anywhere, Everywhere)
38.Watch Sun Set And Rise (On A Hill...Oh Yea)
39.YES Day
40.Have A Party Alone (put some music on and dance!)
42. Have Fun And smile. 

That is it...i think..for now. Am more of a doing person and active and out going person and not much of a 'out going' such as clubbing and getting drunk. I like the sober nights where we can have deep talks and watch Disney movies instead. Sorry I Is So you might see what i actually did do in my next few post. 

Why not let me know what you did or some thing i should. (be quick is almost over)

Current Book- Memoirs Of A Geisha

I feel like am late to post this too! But I must say this is the only book i have glued on each and everyday, second. Hard to believe; actually shocking that am not into reading just any type of books, i take hours in finding a book i want or like. I mostly like drama, romantic, deep, girly, thoughtful books that can educate you about something in life that can impact you, or something that i can relate to. So anything about struggles and morals of something, am down! I never like to choose between reading or watching the same story, such as Twilight, Harry Potter...etc. I hate those, hate having to do one or the other and also hate doing both. I like my visuals but i also adore using my own imagination and keeping my thoughts and images of the story between just my mind and the book. It makes me feel like have a connection with that story's content. (if you know what i mean) But i also love to just go and watch the movie straight without reading it first or after (like i don't read any of the Twilight books or Harry Potter books or any of the others along those lines. Don't kill me i just don't like to)

But back to the subject. I love, adore, cherish, treasure this story. I don't know which i like the most i love the book and film. Most people that just red the book hate the film. And people that just only watched the film found it a delight! I watched the movie with my friends and we laughed, cried, smiled everything. I was supper happy to find out that Zhang Ziyi was the lead actress, then i also found out that is produced by Steven Spielberg...haven.

Some people thought the movies does not show the true presentation of geisha. Found out that the actress and actors were not even from Japan and it was in English. Am fine with all that, but now i really want to explore about it.

So the story is about a girl called Chiyo who has been sold into slavery by her family to another family to become a geisha. The story explains about how she struggles in life as a geisha, how she got separated from her sister and had to put up with anything that is thrown at her. 

Let me know which you like more the book or movie. Have seen it even. And what books shall i read next. Or just comment anything below.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mindy's Bindi

I do not know why i named it that. But can we talk about Binds? So this post is a bit late but can we just talk about how they make someone look quite...different? We like 'different' here. But i think they just change a person's persona right away; as we connote binds to the Asian culture or lets say the Indian culture to narrow it down. But walking around London and in shoots, i see different cultures and races wearing binds and it bloody looks awesome!  Is been quite dated since people have started wearing them but i thought i should just let you know. Remember in the 90s when Gwen wore it? I think is coming back again with Gomez making it a hit on her new influenced song 'Come and Get It'. But there has been some issues about how it could be seen offensive to the Indian culture as some people even want Selena to say sorry for wearing it at the MTV show. With that in mind i think people are wearing it to show how beautiful it is not to make it seem offensive. I think people are getting to be diverse and acknowledging other people's belief and cultures. But i think is just wonderful, so here are some ways i found celebrities and people have been wearing it in tumblr! (since i can't get a camera out and take pictures of them in the street)  And can i just add how much i do love it on a Indian woman with their full cultural dress as well. 




hi petals

Ps, i love Aishwarya Rai, Prettysickly, Nyane Lebajoa!
I really want to know if people find it offensive and why? Growing up with Indian people and culture i see it as a beautiful thing and also wore it because my friends mom would dress me up and put it on me when going to Indian i don't know. Am not Indian but i was not turned down as a child. Is it wrong or should we embrace it?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Seems Foreve

 I feel like is been so forever! My things that i wanted to upload on here all got deleted from my laptop and so that was a bummer. Then i got super lazy and did nothing and made out that life was horrible and had my ups and downs and thought about things, went through therapy with my mind AND finally conclude that am just A OKAY. So i did a few awesome things and just let loose. I start thinking about what i want to do, who i want to be. All in a nut shell i was being the thinker that i am. (if that makes any sense) My life now is surrounded by film and TV and also fashion. Am doing a lot of videos for people with a team finally, i have my own team. And am also interning for an amazing stylist who worked with the cast of Made in Chelsea, to xfactor finalist and well known music videos. So after yesterday my first take on the proper job (after just listening and doing small things in shoots and stuff) i broke down and said i hate the whole fashion world, it was so super hard going to PR offices and getting clothes and so many other things, plus being lost in the middle of nowhere and my phone dying! I said that was it, but when the day finished and i came back to the office and saw how everyone was so worried, i gave in again. Now everyone knows i hate that side and maybe should just stick to shoots and casting. I also met awesome people along the waY.  I have small dreams that i want to showcase BIG. And am glad i finally found a great circle of people that i can shout, slap and then laugh with. This is kind of long so I'll stop. To end this i just want to say I'll be back posting more things, documenting my journey in fashion and do and show some videos. Am also doing some hair! which is so strange but i found out that am really good at it and people came and asked me, so now am letting my good fellow friends Chels and Marie be my dolls to train on. Am just right! Ta Ta

I follow and stalk you all to see what you been up to too, or let me know. (but am totes not a stalker! hehe.)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

They Call It Obession

So i have not been here for a long ASS time (is a habbit to say ASS with everything now). But i really miss coming here and just posting as it is kind of a theraphy for me. I have been filming like crazy and getting to know new pwople as i have now changed schools. I have been coming on to look at my other awesome bloggers. But i will be back on here more frequently now!

So talking of awesome bloggers, i don't know if YOU know this awesomeness i have discovered along my journey on here. Her name is Christina. Christina from Trop Rouge. Her style looks so effortless and looks so simple, easy and fun.

I have been seaching for someone like her for so long, it has finally happened. I think the reason why am posting this is because i found a style partner someone who has the same kind of style i like, and hair. She makes me want to go to New York...well everywhere. Go see what am talking about, her pictures and blog all together is just beautiful.


OHHH. Do check her out on   Alien Dawn! on  Nicktoons!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Girls Just wanna have fun!

Me and my friend just modeling for a show and then being girls in the bathroom aha. i duno.x


Africa Rocks!

Hey awesome people! so i went to Africa Rocks on the weekend had a blast. working with Askeoge's new fashion collection, met some awesome people, designers, models and good old, new friends. This is just some of the backstage work  and stuff i get up to backstage. it was so fun, i enjoyed myself and glad i went. 

I only have pictures of the time i was free but my friend is going to email me all of the pictures so you guys can see some of the other awesome designs and our!
Well let me know if you know any of the designers and if you like them.